Integrated design
at the service of heritage
and the future

Telescopio E-ELT,
Cerro Amazones, Cile
The Shed,
New York, USA
Al Wakrah Stadium & Precinct,
Ponte sul fiume Crati,
Palazzo Minotto,
Venezia, Italia
Progetti realizzati
Progetti realizzati
Progetti realizzati

High competence
and specialization

The RS Ingegneria team is made up of civil and mechanical engineers specialized in structural design, with qualified skills that allow them to tackle highly diversified engineering projects.

Network of excellence
and international projects

Our expertise makes us the ideal partner for high-level international projects. We have taken part in a wide range of assignments: from Venice to the Atakama Desert.

Constant updating
and cutting-edge design techniques

We combine the use of cutting-edge CAE software with the aid of programming, to the science and technology of construction. We use software such as Straus7, Ludi, Tekla Structures, Prosteel, Allplan engineering, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Inventor, Rhinoceros.